Investigations in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania,
Serbia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Ukraine & the Middle East

About Us

Dear friends,

We are a private investigation team specializing in commercial and private investigations. While based in Greece, we also have active, ‘on the ground’ associates in Turkey, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Albania, Serbia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, the Ukraine, Spain, the U.K. and U.S.A. Occasionally we also undertake regional investigations in other parts of the Balkans and Southeast Europe.

Our expertise relies mainly on the fact that we all have a background in investigative journalism and financial reporting/analysis. This has provided us with an extensive network of reliable sources and with accessibility at the highest level (government finance ministries, opposition parties, business leaders, the judiciary, police and security services, commercial chambers of commerce, etc.).

More specifically, we deal with corporate / business investigations, commercial and private intelligence in general, public record searches (local media and internet), business and individual profiles, due diligence, forensic and fraud investigations, lawyer litigation support, etc.

In private cases, we deal with tracing individuals, assets, surveillance, civil and private disputes, marriage and family issues, etc.

In Athens itself, our team has been working for business and private investigation companies on a consistent basis since 2001. Current clients include some of the biggest international companies involved in business intelligence, as well as smaller firms and single individuals.

Recently, some of our most important cases have included:

  • The Greek connection to a well-known European multinational which allegedly conducted a campaign of bribery to secure contracts in many parts of the world, particularly with regard to the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. This case has been covered extensively in the international press.
  • Cases involving alleged misconduct (bribery) with regard to other Olympics-level deals and particularly the large-scale security contract for the Athens Olympics.
  • Greek, Cypriot and Turkish ship owners, bankers, real estate, telecom operators and other businessmen involved in partnerships or mergers with western and eastern European interests.
  • Russian-laundered money in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.
  • The operations of offshore ‘front’ companies in Cyprus.
  • A large number of family / divorce / child custody issues, especially involving foreign nationals living or holidaying in Greece and Cyprus.